Prisma Hanging #32


New for Winter 2022!

Prisma #32 feels luxe, dark and mysterious. 

It combines perfectly my usual wooden beads, a tiny Swarovski bead, abalone ovals, an onyx teardrop, and a large matte jade disc. 

It's a good gift any time, but extra special on a New Moon, don't you think? It looks so beautiful with or without the sunshine. 

Prisms look great by a window, but also next to a wall where there's direct light coming in. 

Hangs from a brass chain and a large ring on top, which makes it nicely finished and ready to hang. It's the perfect length to be hung on a window sill. Need a longer chain? Extenders are also available!

It measures a total of 18 inches. The beaded section is 8" long. The large round prism is 1.75" wide.

Made by hand by Sol in Ridgewood, NY.