Prisma Unico Series 8

This one of a kind Prisma hanging plays with balance. This mix of colors is also playful, with the iridescent octagon and the blue teardrop, both vintage. The curved wire is fun and a little bit hypnotizing. Well, that's a lot of fun and play in one piece!

The large iridescent hexagon diffracts the light with warm tones of pink and orange, and the faceted ball prism will bring in rainbows whenever the sunlight hits.

3.5"wide x 8" high. Hangs from a 10" long chain with top ring.

Materials: Brass, new (clear) and vintage (colored) glass crystals. Vintage crystals may have small wear marks that only add to their vintage charm.

My Prisma Unico series features Prisma designs that are one of a kind and won't be reproduced exactly the same. The piece you see in the pictures is exactly what you will get, and they are ready to ship.