Sol's Prismas


About Sol

As a migrant and a child of migrants, Sol Proaño is inspired by movement, light, and the moments of stillness caught in the in-between. Through her work, she evokes the landscapes she witnessed while hitchhiking through Chile as a teen. 

Now settled in Queens, NYC, Sol makes decorative and wearable suncatchers one piece at a time to help others find awe amidst the chaos of everyday life. Her craft is both a literal and figurative manifestation of the desire to create objects that bring light into the world. 

When the sunlight hits a Prisma, gentle tiny rainbows fill the space all around it. Day to day and season to season, its magic changes with the movement of the sun, bringing its beholder an awareness of the cycles of nature. 

All items are handmade by Sol Proaño using Egyptian-sourced crystals, brass wire, natural stones, and hand cast models. The designs are kept simple and balanced to create a sense of calm. 

Through an intuitive process of hardening and straightening brass wire, then shaping it with stakes, hammers, and pliers, Sol arrives at a completely unique pattern for each and every Prisma. Tabletop items are handmade using the lost cast method, in which molten metal is carefully poured into models cast from wax. Each design is a bespoke reflection of awe-inspiring shapes found in nature. 

Sol purchases raw materials locally whenever available, keeping sustainability in mind at every step, from the production processes to packaging.

Process and Materials