With time, brass develops a natural patina from exposure to air, moisture, dirt and oils. We love the look of aged metal but it’s also very easy to bring your pieces back to shine if you want.

If you want to keep your piece shiny, you can carefully rub it with a jewelry polishing cloth. You can also use lemon juice to bring the shine back to your brass pieces. Just cut a piece of lemon and rub it against the metal. Rinse it off and you are good to go!

For stubborn oxidation, rub the the piece with the lemon a bit longer, or let it sit in the lemon juice for a couple minutes. Don't leave it in too long though, as the lemon juice will start corroding the metal, leaving it with a funny texture if you forget it in there.

Whether you choose to keep the brass shiny or patine over time, the crystal in your Prisma will continue to bring you magic every day. Enjoy!



To keep it looking fresh, try the following:

For a light buff, gently rub your piece with a soft microfibre lens cloth or a soft-bristled toothbrush.
Always rub in a circular motion, and not too hard so you don’t wear away the finish or end up with extra shiny spots.

For a light cleaning, gently scrub the piece with a damp cloth or a soft-bristled toothbrush dipped in lukewarm, soapy water.
Brush in a circular motion and dry it completely to avoid dark spots.

Avoid chemical cleaners or polishing cloths loaded with built-in abrasives or oils.
The chemicals can react with your jewelry and make them turn strange colors, while abrasive cloths can remove the gold layer.

Take off your jewelry before using lotion, perfume, or washing your hands.
There are oils and chemicals in them that are great for your skin, but can gunk up your jewelry.

Remove your jewelry before jumping in the shower, taking a swim, or hitting the gym.
Long exposure to water, pool chemicals, and sweat can start to break down metal finishes and eat away at some stones.

Store your jewelry in a dust bag or a padded box when you’re not wearing it.
When jumbled together, pieces can get tangled or scratch each other.