Prisma Hanging #31


Prisma Hanging #31 is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Prisma #31 is my largest hanging to date! I just needed a lot of places to show off the beautiful crystals. This is where minimal meets "all over the place", in a perfect way.

A swivel on each connection allows each section to move independently from each other. Make sure to place it on a breezy spot, for maximum pleasure. #mobile

It's 12" tall, 18" maximum width. It has a short wire with a ring at the end, to hang it close to a hook. It also includes an 8" long chain extender in case you want to hang it farther from the ceiling.

The crystals are 0.9", 1.2" and 1.6" wide.

Additional chain extenders are available here

Handmade by Sol in Ridgewood, NY.