Prisma necklace #6



A 20mm clear sun disc crystal gives the vibes of a magnifier glass, except that you can make rainbows with it. It also looks upscale and cute too boot!

The strong chain keeps the rainbow-making crystal available for you to play with it.

There are two necklaces with sun disc crystals, this is the smaller/shorter one.

The crystal measures 0.8 inches.

  • It is available in sterling silver and 14k goldfill, and it measures 24 inches.
  • Made by Sol in her studio in Ridgewood, NY.
How delicate are crystals?

The prisms in the Prisma Jewelry are very strong and will stay clear and shinny with gentle wear. But they can still scratch when hit or rubbed against a hard surface. If you want to keep your crystals undamaged for years to come, store them wrapped in soft tissue or a cloth. It’s that easy!

For instructions on metal care (14k gold fill or sterling silver), please visit the Metals Care page. 

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