Prisma Plant Stakes - Set of 2



Prisma Plant Stakes - Set of 2 - Teardrop+Ray will be made to order! (check for an up-to-date timeline on the banner at the top of the page)

Can't take just one Prisma stake? That's alright. Take two!

Pick your favorite combination of any two of the Stakes available:

The circle is 11" tall and 2" wide. The prism is 0.9" wide.

The diamond is 11" tall and 2.5" wide. The prism is 0.9" wide.

The teardrop is 11" tall and 2" wide. The prism is 0.9" wide.

The ray is 11" tall and 3.5" wide. The prism is 0.9" wide.

A set of four is also available! And of course, individually too.

Handmade by Sol in Ridgewood, NY.

Beautiful rainbow dots planter by Bella Joy Pottery.

Care: a protective wax coating is applied to prevent tarnish. However, it will naturally darken with time. Visit the Metal Care page if you want info on keeping the metal bright and yellow.

Gift Wrapping Option

For an additional fee, you can also have your gift sent in a beautiful, upscale, soft velvet-like reusable bag and your gift message printed on the back of a rainbow-filled card.

Special gift packaging and note printing add a finishing touch to a one-of-kind gift that is already wrapped in light.

Alternatively, you have the option of adding a gift note to be printed on the packing slip, at no extra cost. For this, simply write your message in the "Add a Note to Your Order" box in the cart.