Prisma Tabletop #1 - Triangle


Prisma Tabletop #1 - Triangle will be made to order! (Current production time is 1-2 weeks)

The mix of triangle and circle shapes in Prisma Tabletop #1 creates a grounding and balanced feel perfect for your home or office.

Place your Prisma on a window sill, desk, side table, any place where there will be sunlight coming in. The gentle tiny rainbows created by the crystal prism will fill your room and are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

The structure is individually crafted from thick brass wire, and hammered for strength. 

6" tall, 4" base. The prism is 0.8" wide.

Handmade by Sol in Ridgewood, NY

Care: a protective wax coating is applied to prevent tarnish. However, it will naturally darken with time. Visit the Metal Care page if you want info on keeping the metal bright and yellow.

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This product is shipped packaged in a branded box, ready for gift-giving.

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