Prisma Tabletop Tree - Triangle


Prisma Tabletop Tree - Triangle will be made to order! (Current production time is 1-2 weeks)

Whether you want a tabletop Christmas tree that you can then keep year round, or one that you want to put away and reuse it every year, my Prisma trees will do just that. And it will bring you rainbows every time!

This tree has a minimal design, and carefully chosen (and placed) prisms. This listing is for an all-crystal version, but there's another listing with a wooden bead, for added warmth.

It ships (and stores!) flat.

The wooden base is baltic birch, 6 inches wide. It's about 12 inches high.

Place your Prisma on a window sill, desk, side table, shelf unit, any place where there will be sunlight coming in. The magical rainbows created by the crystal prism will fill the space and are guaranteed to bring a soothing smile to your face.

Comes in a gift box, ready to be given away.

Handmade by Sol in Ridgewood, NY

Care: a protective wax coating is applied to prevent tarnish. However, it will naturally darken with time. A polishing cloth will be included.

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This product is shipped packaged in a branded box, ready for gift-giving.

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